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At Impala Sofas we are very proud of what we do and nothing more makes us happier than when we hear feedback from our customers. We aim to provide you with a customer service that will leave you confident and happy with our products, which is why we welcome any feedback you may have.

You can check out the Impala Sofas YouTube channel for video testimonials or scroll below for a selection of reviews we’ve received from our customers:

"Impala fabric is a must as my daughter has already truly put it to the test and... it works."

Patrick G

"2 years ago I discovered the treasure trove of fabrics at Impala fabrics. I was faced with the task of recovering our quaint and unusual chaise longue in their cranberry red. It is a vibrant colour I found nowhere else, with an awesome "feel" to it. Since then I have 3 more items of furniture that receive a great deal of wear and show no signs of it!"

Pamela K, London

"We have impala oyster in our dining room and have been do pleased with the luxurious feel, the colour and most of all how easy it is to keep clean. We have twin baby boys so this is a big priority for us."

Sarah P, Derby

"We spilled a bottle of vinegar all over our Impala upholstery. We cleaned it off with soapy water and let it dry. As good as new!"

Mr J. Peterborough

"Impala Fabric saved my life after I knocked a whole glass of wine on our seating. My wife was not at all happy but after sponging it out you could not see a thing. At the time she wanted to kill me but all was well 10 minutes after. Well done Impala!"

Mr Head, Wiltshire

"Impala-The best upholstery we have ever had! Brilliant and very easy to look after."

Andy and Sheila McBeath, Peterborough

"5 Grandchildren have attempted to abuse our Impala furnishings, They have failed! Baby wipes are the answer."

Mr R Dick Scottish Boarders

"Impala-great, children, pet and human friendly. Easy to maintain and keep clean. Even when you have a stain or two which is bound to happen"

Ms Judd

"Absolutely brilliant! Messy husband and messy dog, best thing we did. Well worth the money."

Jackie Gingell, Somerset

"A great product, does exactly what it says-perfect for kids. Smart looking and practical!!"

Mike Thompson, Newcastle-Tyne

"Impala fabric is amazing. FULL bottle of Jagermeister spilt all over our sofa, cleaned after 7 hours with water only. No evidence of spill. AMAZING."

Adrian Ash, Cumbria