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Returns and Refunds

All of our furniture which is made or altered, is done specifically for you and therefore considered Bespoke!

Any order for Bespoke Goods may not be cancelled by you, either before or after delivery. We have no obligation to take back these Goods, though we may do so with the incurrence of a 50% restocking fee. This is entirely at our discretion.

You can cancel or change your furniture order within 7 days from placing your order after that the above applies.


The provisions of this clause apply in addition to your statutory consumer rights in relation to faulty or misdescribed Goods. These rights are not affected by the guarantee.

For the purpose of this clause the guarantor is Impala Fabrics Limited, registered address:

All wooden furniture carries a 12-year frame and construction guarantee against faulty workmanship and/or faulty materials.

Guarantees may not be assigned to a third party

These guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear, neglect, abuse or misuse of your Goods, loss or damage (including rusting and corrosion) due to unreasonable exposure to water or weather; loss or damage due to fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, sunlight, infestation by animals or boring insects, or theft, or accidental damage or loss caused by a third party.


Fabric batches may vary. All our fabrics may have slight variations between batches. The most common variation is that of colour – though the actual variation is often almost negligible or very slight. Some fabrics are more susceptible to this than others.

Whilst we guarantee to make all your order from the same batch, we cannot guarantee that subsequent orders will match your original order.

We cannot accept any responsibility for fading or discolouration, due to exposure to direct or indirect sunlight. Sunlight affects different fabrics in different ways, but sunlight, whether direct or indirect, will nevertheless always affect fabric colour. Darker fabrics, because they have further to fall, are likely to discolour and fade more. Different fabrics, dark or light are liable to fade or discolour at different rates.

We cannot accept any responsibility for fading or discolouration, due to exposure or contact with any chemicals sprayed nearby or applied directly. Please also note that there are certain aerosol sprays, most particularly odour neutralisers and nicotine neutralisers that contain certain chemicals that can react with fabric dyes (the cans should warn against spraying close to upholstery without first covering it).

We recommend that you follow our cleaning instructions here. (PDF)

Impala fabric resists most household stains. Whilst Impala fabric is resistant to and drastically reduces household stains it comes in contact with, it may not be resistant to all liquids, chemicals or other materials whether containing permanent dyes or inks or otherwise and in particular the fabric is not resistant to bleaches, acids or other liquids or materials containing destructive or toxic substances. We therefore cannot accept any responsibility for misuse of Impala fabric by allowing such liquids, materials or substances coming into contact with it.