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Creating a relaxing outdoor space

Fri, 25 Jun 2021 15:44:00
Summer is finally here!

Longer days and lighter nights mean more time is spent in the garden. 

Whether that’s relaxing alone or having that much needed get together with friends! Celebrate the summer with some comfortable furniture from impala, and create the perfect space for much-needed catchups, parties, or just unwinding in the sunshine.

Why not try a comfortable, unique alternative to traditional outdoor lounging this summer? 

Impala’s outdoor beanbags are the perfect companion to your outdoor events.

Robust, anti-fading and waterproof fabric, impala’s outdoor beanbags are engineered to defeat the elements, and won’t fade even when left in direct sunlight. Ideal for patio, decking and even grass use. 

Available in mini, mighty and monster sizes. 

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Want to complete the look? 

Pair with the outdoor beanbag box, to add an extra dimension to supreme lounging. 

The beanbag box can also be great to use as extra seating for friends!

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