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Purchasing Stain-Resistant Furnishings for Your Renting Accommodation

Mon, 02 Jul 2018 08:58:00

Whether you’re renting your property long term, or short stay like Air BnB, renting out your property is a viable investment. But what should you consider when decorating and furnishing your property for rent? Here’s our advice on how to furnish a rental home to ensure the best quality and durability, even if your tenants don’t take care of it. The furnishings you choose can be make or break in a renting decision, it won’t matter the house is in the perfect location or how spacious the rooms, if the furnishings are stained and tired you will not get a tenant. You will need durable furnishings, as you don’t want to have to replace everything in between residents if they don’t take care of them.              

When Renting out your property long term the property must be practical and comfortable. You want it to be an inviting space that someone can consider a home. With a comfy sofa, your tenant can relax on after a long day. You also should consider whether kids or pets will live there as then the property needs to be family friendly. Light coloured, hard-to-clean fabrics such as suede or velvet are not ideal for a family sofa. Kids and pets can make a mess of sofas, spilling drinks or marking the fabric. Usually, fabric would be out of the question but leather is likely to scratch under the paws of cats and pets. Impala fabrics could be the solution. Child-friendly, stain-resistant, easily-cleanable and stylish! Our Impala sofas have also been life-changing to pet owners - no more muddy paw prints and stubborn slobber stains!
Impala sofas are also low-maintenance and durable due to the high-quality stain-resistant fabric, If you don't believe us, see how easy it is to clean harsh stains like red wine, ketchup, and pen in this video.

With a rise in stylish and accessible Airbnb rentals over the last couple of years, opening your home for a fee has never been easier! However, with many guests coming and going each week, the furniture in short-term renting accommodation needs to be extremely durable and easy to clean on such a short turnaround. We have all heard the horror stories from cleaners of the messes left behind, and the last thing owners want is to come back to stains on their dining chairs and marks on their sofa! Investing in Impala fabrics for your Airbnb will not only be an investment for your family home but also for your rental business. If you do return to a mark on your sofa, simply wipe away with a damp cloth. Our furniture and fabrics are stain-resistant so you don’t need to worry about any spillages settling into the fabric whilst you’re away.