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Affordable & Practical Ideas For a Modern Kids Room

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 08:00:00

Creating a bedroom or playroom that is both creative and affordable can be an extremely tricky task! With unrealistic goals of perfectly painted murals, themed princess rooms and swings, slides and toys galore, constantly being shown to us on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, it is hard to not to feel down-hearted with your child’s somewhat mundane bedroom!

But what if you could create a space for your child that looked just as good as those photographed in the magazines, but for a fraction of the cost? A room that was practical, safe and easy to maintain and that you weren’t afraid of letting your them loose it, to play and craft to their hearts content. Well, here at Impala, we have seen some great ideas for affordable, creative and practical children's rooms over the years and we’d like to share them with you.

Maximize Floor Space 

The content of a child's room can often get overwhelming, With each Christmas and birthday, their toy stash grows that bit bigger and their wardrobe begins to burst at the seams. Maximising floor space in a child's room is especially important, which is why we suggest that if your child is old enough, and confident enough, then opt for a raised bed! The area underneath can be used for extra storage space, a play tent or a reading nook.

Save On Paint 

Gone are the days of painting a room one entire colour – doing so is not only expensive, but it is also highly likely that your child will long for a different colour in a few years. We suggest instead finding more creative ways to paint a childs room. For example, if you have sample paint testers around the home, use these to create patterned polka dot walls, or paint a half-painted feature wall – both these options can be found in all the childs interior magazines at the moment and then look great!

Pick Cleanable Fabrics! 

If there is one thing that you learn as a parent, it is that children can be messy! Stay away from hard-to-clean and sensitive fabrics in a kids room, this will only end in disaster! Instead, purchase stain-resistant fabrics like Impala Fabrics. Our stain-resistant beanbags and cubes mean that whatever your child spills, or draws on them, they won’t be ruined. They are durable too, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them away after a short period of time.