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Why You Should Invest in Stain-Resistant & Robust Business Furniture

Mon, 01 Jan 2018 08:00:00

Did you know that our Impala fabrics and furnishings are perfect for any business, whatever the sector? From restaurants and cafes to Airbnb rentals and caravans, our stain-resistant and easily cleanable fabrics will ensure your furniture is kept looking as good as new, no matter who comes through your doors!

Restaurants and other food-service sector businesses have definitely seen an increase in the amount of people choosing to eat-out over the last few years, with more and more people taking to social media to share their dining experience with their friends and followers too. This means that your restaurant, café or bar needs to look for the part, whilst remaining practical and comfortable. A clean and polished interior décor will not only attract new customers but also represent your business in the best possible light to members of the public on social channels.

For the best possible appearance, it is important that your restaurant’s furnishings are kept clean, up-to-date and in good condition – after all, no one wants to sit on a sticky chair or a torn sofa whilst on a romantic date! Whatever the style of your business, we have sofas, dining chairs and an abundance of upholstery fabrics to choose from here at Impala Sofas. There’s no need to worry about people spilling their drinks, spaghetti Bolognese or tomato ketchup on the furnishings as all of our fabrics are high-performance, meaning they are exceptionally easy to clean and are stain resistant, all you need to do is simply wipe away. Not only are our products a great option to prevent stains and spillages, but they are also luxurious in touch, modern in style and extremely durable. What more could you want for your restaurant?

Another area within the hospitality sector that should consider investing in stain-resistant, cleanable fabrics & furnishings is the hotel and lodging industry. With many guests coming and going each week, the furniture in your accommodation needs to be extremely durable and easy to clean on such a short turnaround. We have all heard the horror stories from hotel cleaners of the messes left behind, but with our Impala fabrics, their cleaning workflow can drastically quicker and your furniture bill much lower! From chairs for your dressing table, sofas for your executive suites and upholstery fabrics for your headboards, our stain-resistant performance fabrics will ensure that your hotel room can handle whatever is thrown at it!

Of course, it isn’t just hotels that need to consider the suitability of their furnishings. With a rise in stylish and accessible Airbnb rentals over the last couple of years, opening up your home for a fee has never been easier! However, as these rental apartments and houses are usually personal homes opened up for a set amount of time, the last things owners want is to come back to festering stains on their dining chairs and dubious marks on their sofa! Investing in Impala fabrics for your Airbnb will not only be an investment for your family home but also for your rental business. We know it’s difficult for guests to stay completely clean and accident-free whilst staying in your home but we feel that your furniture should not have to suffer because of this - if you return to a mark on your sofa, simply wipe away with a damp cloth. Our furniture and fabrics are stain-resistant so you don’t need to worry about any horrid spillages settling into the fabric whilst you’re away.

If you have ever visited student halls accommodation on a University campus then you might have been surprised with the mess! Freshers week, house parties and the lust for fast-food takeouts means that furniture and cleanliness are often far from top priority. Student accommodation furniture is often left in a bad way come the end-of-term, but it doesn’t have to be this way! We can’t promise that your chairs won't go missing or that your sofa won't end up in a random corridor somewhere, but we can assure you that any stains and spillages will be rectified and your furnishings will look brand new all term round. Our fabrics are easy and fast to clean and require no specific cleaning fluid or utensils – making this particularly beneficial for students.

If you thought students were messy, then you should see children! Here at Impala, we believe our furnishings and fabrics will not only benefit Universities but also all aspects of the educational system, from colleges and libraries to schools and nurseries. Young children are renowned for causing spillages and stains at home, but how could you protect your classroom or educational setting? Well, we sell a variety of fun, comfortable and durable beanbags perfect for school children – these are made with our same stain-resistant fabrics that are exceptionally easy to clean. Our Impala beanbags & cubes come in different sizes and colours and are perfect for a chill-zone or reading area. Depending on your setting, our sofas and armchairs are also a great option for kids, or teachers to chill out on in the staff room.

Making an appointment with a healthcare specialist, such as a doctor, dentist or optician, can be a daunting task at times, so why not make the experience that much better by providing luxurious seating for your patients? After all, the waiting room of any surgery or clinic really sets up the patient for the experience that they will get and should reflect well on the business. Worn-out chairs, dirt covered sofas and stained children’s beanbags will have prospective patients running a mile – if you fail to maintain the cleanliness of your premises, what might that say about the sanitation of your procedures? Our stain-resistant sofas, waiting-room chairs and children’s beanbags will work wonders in a healthcare environment and ensure top levels of hygiene.

Other businesses that should take pride in their hygiene standards are residential care homes. With a high emphasis placed on keeping premises clean, safe and presentable for patients and visitors, it would be extremely beneficial for residential care homes to invest in Impala furnishings or Impala upholstery fabrics. Armchairs are of course the top priority for care homes, as these will be the main furnishings used by the residents and their visiting relatives. To keep these armchairs in great condition year after year, they need to be upholstered in the toughest of fabrics. Our high-performance fabrics are easily cleanable; with spillages and stains being removed in a matter of minutes meaning the chair is not out-of-use for long!

If you would like to invest in Impala Sofas or Impala Fabrics for your business, please feel free to browse our sofa, chairs or beanbag ranges or contact us to discuss what we can do for you.