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Why Every University Should Consider Cleanable Fabrics

Wed, 04 Apr 2018 10:10:00

Students are messy, sure but are they really that bad? A quick Google will bring up some horror stories of university living! We’re always hearing about how students are irresponsible and messy but how can we protect our properties and student spaces from damage?

But don’t worry this doesn’t have to happen to your property! Here are our top tips on how to student proof your rooms for student housing or common areas. Whilst more durable products can be more expensive, cheaper products will have to be replaced more often. So, more resilient furnishings would be worth it in the long run.


Flooring that can't be stained like tile and lino is perfect for Student housing. However, if you want something more homely why not try dark carpeting, there are specifically student proof carpeting now available to buy.


Sofas are usually the first thing to get wrecked in a student home, one party and its guaranteed to be stained or ruined. Having a durable and stain resistant sofa is crucial to maintaining a clean and comfortable space for students year after year. Impala sofas are a great option for this. They have a revolutionary stain resistant fabric that is exceptionally hard to stain and incredibly durable whilst still being soft, comfortable and stylish. A real long-term investment for your property.

Interior furniture

Several companies now supply interior furniture that is purpose-built for student housing, durable and stylish.


Hardwearing and washable paint is also a necessary addition to any student area. The walls must be able to withstand a few knocks, marks and a whole lot of blutack. Popular paint brands now have expanded their range and now offer easy-care washable paint in a whole range of colours.


Beanbags are the ultimate studying or relaxing chair! A bonus to any student area or living room is a place for students to kick back and work on their required reading, or the latest video game. Impala Sofas offers a stunning range of comfy beanbags in a range of bright fun colours. These beanbags are made from a durable and stain resistant material that is perfect for any student zone.
Tag your university or landlord to change your sofas!