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Why You Should Let Your Dog On The Sofa

Mon, 01 Oct 2018 10:58:00

If your dog is a known tiny terror, ripping leather with their claws or having ‘accidents’ on your fabric sofa, then you’ve probably given up on having a nice cuddle and banned them from the sofa! But there are benefits to letting them sit with you.  

Cuddling a dog gives your brain happy chemicals! A study conducted found that our brains release Oxytocin when we spend time with dogs. Oxytocin is known as the ‘Cuddle Chemical’ responsible for social bonding and parental bonding – this is credited to why people feel like their dogs are their ‘babies’. Not only do we get these happy chemical benefits your dog gets these chemicals too. Your bond grows with your dog every time you spend or cuddle with them as they feel the same happiness as we do from the bonding.

Dogs have been proven to reduce stress in their owners. So a nice relaxing evening on the sofa with your 4-legged pal is just what you need. Spending time with a pet reduces anxiety and blood pressure by making you more relaxed and comfortable. According to research owning a dog can even help with depression.

Finally, with an Impala Sofa, you don’t have to worry about paw prints, scratches or drool. Impalas revolutionary stain-resistant fabrics are tough yet luxurious! Get your free sample here if you don’t believe us! Our fabrics are strong enough to resist a chewing or any accidents that occur. Cuddle up in comfort and style with your dog, and an impala sofa.