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Why Should I Buy a Stain-Resistant Sofa?

Tue, 01 May 2018 12:59:00

In every home, the sofa is the family hub, a space for everyone to relax and come together. However, as any young family or pet lover knows, accidents happen. Whether its finger paint, wine or pet stains, there’s bound to be an incident sooner or later. But when stains happen to your fabric sofa, it can be devastating, a sofa is an investment and you don’t want it to be tarnished from the first spill.

That’s why Impala created their range of stain resistant sofas and chairs with families in mind, no one can avoid stains on their sofa especially with little ones. Impala realised this issue and developed their tailor-made products upholstered with the revolutionary Impala and Impala Velsoft fabrics built to last. Impala sofas are stain resistant, stylish and durable! After any accident just clean the area with water and the stain will come right out! Which is perfect for any family home.

If you’re still unsure take a look at our Customer Testimonials, to see how well our stain resistant technology has held up against their toughest spills! Our customers have truly put these sofas through some tests, including wine, vinegar and alcohol! Many parents and pet owners swear by impala for its stain resistance and durability.