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Going Into Winter With Impala

29 November 2021 05:13

brown deer plush toy

As this winter season begins, the sofa becomes the heart of the home.

It’s the place where you can gather with your family or friends away from the cold and spend quality time together.

Investing in a great sofa is a must for the winter season, and with a wide range of sofas and fabrics to choose from, impala has you covered. You can be sure that your sofa will keep you and your family cosy this winter, and for many winters to come!

Dress your sofa for the season with throws and cushions to create the best experience and let sofa season commence!

Shop impala’s range of stylish sofas here!

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Why Your Home Needs A Rug This Autumn

26 October 2021 12:44

Add a pop of colour

As the nights start drawing in, a lack of natural sunlight can make a room feel dark. A rug can be a great way to add a splash of bright colour, and if a room is painted in dark colours, a rug can add striking contrast.

Rugs are also a great way to make a room more interesting and dynamic. They come in many different styles and colours and patterns, allowing you to add art into your home right onto your floor and make your space unique!

Rugs are also versatile, meaning you can change the dynamic of a room easily, but still drastically.

It’s Practical

A rug adds many practical benefits to a room. One is that they add extra warmth, shielding bare feet from cold hardwood or tile flooring. This added insulation can help reduce your heating bill!

As well as being cold, hardwood floors can be slippery. Rugs provide a beautiful way to help prevent accidents by providing extra grip and will also prevent furniture from slipping.

Define Your Space

Rugs can help define a space. A large room can be divided into distinct areas using rugs, making the most of a space, and making a large space feel more homely.

For exceptional quality, gorgeous designer rugs check out impala’s range of rugs here!

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How To Make The Most of a Small Space

31 August 2021 01:31

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Minimalism: Less is more

It is obvious that when it comes to decorating a small space, you will only be able to fit a few pieces of furniture into the room. This means that the furniture you choose should be chosen with purpose.

A good tip when furnishing small spaces is to choose furniture that has multiple functions. This leaves space and means you will need less furniture in the room.

Keeping the colour scheme minimalist too will also aid in making a room feel bigger. Sticking to a single colour throughout and adding dimensions with different textures of the same colour can help the furniture blend into the background and make a room feel bigger.

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Make the most of every space

In a small space, making the most of every inch of space can make all the difference to the way a room looks.

Architectural oddities or quirks in a room such as windows or corners are often unused and wasted but can make great places for seating or storage.

Customizable bespoke furniture such as the seating shown above makes great use out of otherwise difficult spaces!

Find out how impala can help you create bespoke furniture here!

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It’s a well-known fact that mirrors make a room look bigger. This tried-and-true method for making a room look and feel more spacious is the oldest trick in the book for a reason!

Light colours have a similar effect to a mirror- they reflect the light around a room. Opting for a light-coloured rug can make a room feel brighter and more spacious.

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Clutter is a guaranteed way to make a room feel smaller. So, keep the knick-knacks to a minimum and get creative with your storage.

Keeping your walls clutter-free is as important as your floor. Choose one or two large statement pieces of art instead of lots of small ones to make your room feel more spacious.

Adding storage wherever possible, such as under beds will hide clutter. Customizable bespoke storage solutions and furniture will allow you to maximise your space and keep clutter to a minimum.

Whatever space you are working with, impala can bring your vision to life. Check out how we can help you create your perfect space here!

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How colour can affect your mood

02 August 2021 09:53
Colour can have an impact on how you feel, and the right colour choice can create the right mood and tone for your space. You can rely on impala for a wide range of colour choices. With a huge range of designer fabrics to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect colour for your room.

Colour psychology

The colour of your room can influence your mood and set the tone for a room. Choosing a colour to match the use of a room, or how you want to feel in that room, can take your living space to a new level of comfort.

Setting the mood

There are some things you might want to consider when you are choosing what colour furniture to pick for your room:

What is this room used for?

What mood do I want to create?

This will help you decide which colour to use, by considering these questions, you can more easily identify which colours will create this mood.

So which colour will create the mood I want?

Here are some popular colours and the mood they can create:

Warm colours

Yellow: Yellow is a great energising colour; it also catches the sunlight and can make a room feel brighter.

Pink: Initial exposure to pink has been shown to have a calming effect, making it great for any space especially children’s bedrooms.

Cool colours

Green: Green is a colour largely associated with nature, making it a relaxing and tranquil colour.

Blue: Blue is also a calming colour; it is a great colour to use in the bathroom or bedroom.

Neutral tones

White: White is great for creating a feeling of calm and clarity, it can make a room feel less cluttered and more organised compared to other colours.

Choosing colours that make you feel positive can have a big impact on how much you enjoy being in your space. Check out impala’s wide range of fabric colours and find the perfect match for your space!

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Creating a relaxing outdoor space

25 June 2021 04:44
Summer is finally here!

Longer days and lighter nights mean more time is spent in the garden. 

Whether that’s relaxing alone or having that much needed get together with friends! Celebrate the summer with some comfortable furniture from impala, and create the perfect space for much-needed catchups, parties, or just unwinding in the sunshine.

Why not try a comfortable, unique alternative to traditional outdoor lounging this summer? 

Impala’s outdoor beanbags are the perfect companion to your outdoor events.

Robust, anti-fading and waterproof fabric, impala’s outdoor beanbags are engineered to defeat the elements, and won’t fade even when left in direct sunlight. Ideal for patio, decking and even grass use. 

Available in mini, mighty and monster sizes. 

Shop here!

Want to complete the look? 

Pair with the outdoor beanbag box, to add an extra dimension to supreme lounging. 

The beanbag box can also be great to use as extra seating for friends!

Shop here!

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Stain proof armchairs from Impala

18 June 2021 11:11

Our armchairs

All our armchairs are covered with our revolutionary stain resistant designer fabric. With a choice of 50 colours, we’re sure you will find the perfect shade for your home. 

Bazzano armchair

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This luxurious armchair’s sweeping lines will add elegance and glamour to any room, while still providing exceptional comfort. 

Frame: Kiln Dried Birch. Glued, screwed and dowelled joints. 12 year construction guarantee.

Seat: High-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs. Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, non reversible cushions.

Back: Fixed back with high-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs and foam.

Legs: Solid beech turned legs with brass casters to front in natural lacquered or mahogany stained finish.

Shop Here

Bari tub chair

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Put your feet up in this curvy and comfortable chair. The Bari tub chair will make a beautiful addition to any room. 

Frame: Kiln Dried Birch. Glued, screwed and dowelled joints. 12 year construction guarantee.

Seat: Fixed seat with high-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs and foam.

Back: Fixed back with seat grade elasticated webbing and foam.

Legs: Solid beech legs in natural lacquered or mahogany stained finish.

Shop here

Emily armchair

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This contemporary and stylishly designed armchair would make a luxurious addition to any dining room. The Armrests with this style finish the chair with extra comfort. 

Frame: Selected fully seasoned beech and other hardwoods, from managed sources. Hand crafted with joints triple or double doweled, glued and screwed with corner blocks for extra rigidity.

Seat: Fully upholstered foam pad on woven elasticated webbing.

Back: Fully upholstered foam pad.

Legs: Shaped Square tapered European Oak front and back legs. Available in natural lacquer or mahogany stain.

Shop here

Lexington armchair

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Elegant, stylish and classy, the Lexington armchair’s gentle curves create a graceful and modern shape. 

Frame: Kiln Dried Birch. Glued, screwed and dowelled joints. 12 year construction guarantee.

Seat: High-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs. Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, non reversible cushions.

Back: Fixed back with high-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs and foam.

Legs: Solid beech legs in natural lacquered or mahogany stained finish.

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New Jersey armchair

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Super stylish, modern and compact with T-shaped cushions. The New Jersey armchair is a sleek and stylish choice for any living room or loft.

Frame: Kiln Dried Birch. Glued, screwed and dowelled joints. 12 year construction guarantee.

Seat: High-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs. Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, non reversible cushions.

Back: Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, reversible cushions.

Legs: Solid beech legs in natural lacquered or mahogany stained finish.

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Oakland armchair

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This armchair has a generous size and exceptional comfort. Modern and clean cut, the Oakland armchair is suitable for any contemporary setting. 

Frame: Kiln Dried Birch. Glued, screwed and dowelled joints. 12 year construction guarantee.

Seat: High-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs. Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, non reversible cushions.

Back: Seat grade elasticated webbing. Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, reversible cushions.

Legs: Solid beech legs in natural lacquered or mahogany stained

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Slouch loveseat

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Wrap yourself in comfort with the luxurious slouch loveseat’s “sink in” feel. Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day, as well as looking stunning in any modern or classic setting. 

Frame: Kiln Dried Birch. Glued, screwed and dowelled joints. 12 year construction guarantee.

Seat: High-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs. Choice of: fibre wrapped foam, 100% polyester fibre, fibre and feather mix or 100% feather, non reversible cushions.

Back: Fixed back with high-gauge tempered steel zig-zag springs and foam.

Legs: Solid beech legs in natural lacquered or mahogany stained finish.

Shop Here

Nothing take your fancy?

Shop our wide range of bespoke chairs here.

Or alternatively, design your very own with our bespoke design services. Find out more here. 

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Impala Stain Resistant And Faux Leather Cushions

19 March 2021 05:17

Refresh your living space with our gorgeous range of scatter cushions. Ideal for adding an extra touch of luxury and comfort to your armchair or sofa. Choose from a variety of materials including faux leather and our popular, strain resistant designer fabric.

Scatter Cushions 

In regular or piped, as well as large or small size, these cushions are ideal for adding an extra touch of decoration to your armchair or sofa. Our large scatter cushions and large piped scatter cushions are made from 100% feathers, providing a comfortable and luxurious feel. Our cushion range is completely customisable so you can match them to your furniture. Made from our revolutionary stain-resistant fabric!

Luxury Cushions

If you are looking to refresh your cushions with something to match either Luxury B-Bag Mighty and B-Box then the Luxury Cushion is the perfect addition. Available in four fabulous colours, these cushions take luxury lounging to new heights.

Pastel Cushions


Looking for cushions that will match your contemporary Nordic interior? Pastel Cushions are available in the same colours and material as the Pastel B-Bag Mighty and Cushion to maximise that contemporary Nordic style.

Cushions are a great way to add colour or make your home look cosier and more comfortable. With Impala’s range of cushions, you are certain to find the perfect match.

Add the finishing touches to the home of your dreams!

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Add more colour to your home

29 January 2021 03:48

Add more colour to your home with Impala sofas. Brighten up your living space with a new rug or add a pop of colour and fun with a beanbag. Or, if you need a new sofa to seat the whole family – and one that is family proof – Impala sofas has a range of gorgeous colours and conversation pieces to brighten up your home!

Impala sofas offer gorgeous colours of hardwearing, easy cleaning and luxurious fabrics. See for yourself and get your fabric samples here.


Impala’s Mini beanbags are perfect if you want to add a pop of colour to your children’s room. Or, if you want to add something a little different to your home office, the mighty and monster beanbags are sure to make the work week more bearable. These gorgeous conversation pieces will add the comfort and luxury you have been craving.


Gorgeous Asiatic rugs add the perfect pop of colour to brighten up any space.


Going into 2021 having a great home space is more important than ever. Whatever that means for you, you can rely on Impala furniture to deliver quality and luxury. 

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Make Comfort Your Priority In The New Year

18 December 2020 01:17

Well, what a year it’s been.

That’s why we’re suggesting that you should make comfort your priority in the new year.

Whether you’ve already bought from us this year, or you’re waiting until next year, we want to thank you for your custom and thinking about shopping with us!

So here are some tips on how to relax over the Christmas and New Year period.

Sofas For Families

When we think of Christmas and New Year, we think of spending time with our families. Whether you’re playing games or watching films, our range of sofas is extremely comfortable and perfect for all types of fun and games.

And they’re not just for Christmas and New Year, investing in a new sofa can bring much joy, happiness and even add value to your home throughout the year.

Snooze In A Comfy Chair

With so many comfortable chairs in our range, you’re almost spoilt for choice and comfort!

Especially if you’ve already bought one of our chairs, you know exactly how easy it is to fall asleep in one of our chairs.

And that’s why after your Christmas dinner, why not relax into one of our chairs and sleep the meal off!

You can thank us later!

Beanbag Fun And Games

For the little ones over the Christmas and New Year period, beanbags offer lots of fun and comfort to gather around the family table and play lots of games.

Not only are they fun, but they’re stylish, high-quality and come in a range of colours!

Take A Look At Our Range

From sofas to chairs to beanbags, take a look at all our products online today, whether you’ve already bought from us and you’re interested in buying something else from us.

Or whether you’re waiting to buy in the new year, we’ve got something for everyone.

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3 Reasons You Should Design Your Own Furniture

09 November 2020 03:57

Here at Impala Sofas, it’s not just the standard furniture, sofas, chairs and cushions that we sell.

We also give you the option to design your dream furniture.

For some, simply buying a standard designed sofa or chair just isn’t enough. Sometimes having a chair that is personalised, that nobody else has, can feel exclusive and well, cool.

Or perhaps you haven’t found your dream sofa yet and want to design something that suits your taste and the rest of your home.

Whatever the reason may be, here are 3 reasons why you should consider designing your own furniture.


Designing your own furniture often means a one of a kind, unique piece that is designed and styled to your taste.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics, sizes, finishes and more to create the ultimate personalised furniture that’s tailored to meet your requirements.


Sometimes we fall in love with furniture and buy it because we love it. Only to get it delivered and realise it doesn’t fit in the house or there are measurement issues.

The sofa blocks the living room door or looks completely different to how you envisioned it in your home.

We’ve heard the horror stories and that’s why practically speaking if you need furniture that works with your home, it’s best to design it yourself.

The Perfect Fit

Which leads us onto our final point.

When you design your furniture you can provide us with all the requirements, measurements, sketches, 3D mockups. However, you choose.

We can then go ahead and design your furniture that meets your requirements perfectly, so your sofa will just fit easily and perfectly into your home, without the worry of it being too big, small or intrusive.

Start Designing Your Dream Furniture Today

All we need from you is a breakdown of your requirements. And as we said, you can give us any additional information such as sketches, 3D mockups, whatever extra information you think we should have when designing your dream furniture.

Don’t compromise, buying furniture for your home is an investment, so why would you want to buy something you’re not 100% satisfied with?

That’s why we’ve got our own bespoke designs service available on our website.

We specialise in bringing your interior designs to life.

So let your imagination wander and be bold with your choices. No design or style is too difficult!

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Transform Your Living Room

18 September 2020 04:38
It’s getting close to that time of year again where gone are the fans and the air conditioning units from the living room and out come the throws and blankets for the cold winter months.

As we reach Autumn, now is the perfect time to consider buying a new sofa for your home. In fact, completely renovating your living room with new sofas, chairs and cushions might be the best idea, especially with all the busy months ahead.

So why not buy a brand new sofa or even renovate your entire living room with some of our best sofas, chairs and cushions that we have to offer!

Oakland 3 Seat Sofa

The Oakland 3 Seat Sofa is simple, elegant and modern.

Offering maximum comfort with generous proportions, it’s ideal for any homeowner who wants a sofa that is low maintenance and comfortable to sit back and relax into.

And what’s more, is that it’s fully customisable too! With so many colours and fabric choices available, you can really find the perfect sofa you’ve been looking for.

And what’s even better is that the Oakland 3 Seat Sofa is made from our revolutionary stain-resistant fabric.

Which is more than ideal for the next few months when you might be having friends or family round for drinks and we all know accidents can happen, especially when people are merry!

So invest in your sofa and make a statement with this Oakland 3 Seat Sofa contemporary piece which will be subtle in your living room but impress friends and family when they come over!

We know more than anyone that the comfort speaks for itself.

Oakland Armchair

The Oakland Armchair will effortlessly fit in with the rest of your brand new furniture!

Similar to the Oakland Sofa, it’s perfect for reading, watching television or any other pass time that you enjoy.

Choose from a wide range of colours and fabrics to match with your Oakland Sofa and create a brand new living room filled with contemporary furniture that will last and bring you much joy for many years to come.

Scatter Cushions

Add the final touch with some Scatter Cushions to give that “homely” feel in your living room. The perfect addition to any sofa or armchair.

Our scatter cushions are made from 100% feathers, providing maximum comfort and a luxurious feel.

Fully customisable with a wide range of colours and fabrics. All of which use our stain-resistant fabric so any spillages aren’t serious and will easily come out!

Transform Your Living Room Today!

Consider buying brand new furniture for your home, ready just in time for Christmas! Take a look at what we have to offer online today!

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Relax This Summer With The Luxury B-Bag Mighty

28 August 2020 10:24

Relax This Summer With The Luxury B-Bag Mighty

Summer is almost over but there’s still time to relax with a good book and a comfy bean bag!

The bean bag is so versatile where you can pick it up and place it anywhere within the home or even outside!

That’s why we believe it’s one of the best purchases you can make this Summer, as you can take the bean bag outside, sink into the seat whilst reading your favourite book, or even if you’re wanting to take a quick nap.

It’s the perfect accessory for the home and the garden and that’s why we think they’re a great option to have.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the top reasons why you should buy a Luxury B-Bag Mighty for your home.

Lightweight and versatile

The Luxury B-Bag Mighty is so lightweight it’s really easy to move from one room to another.

You may find the perfect spot in your home to keep the B-Bag Mighty, it may be in a reading room, an office or even a living room.

But the overall functionality and versatility of the Luxury B-Bag Mighty means that you can easily pick it up and move it to wherever you desire.

Having a family BBQ and need extra seats? Why not bring out the Luxury B-Bag Mighty for you or your family to sit on, enjoying a glass of wine in the evening in the garden? Why not sink into the Luxury B-Bag Mighty and relax.

High-quality faux leather material

Real leather can not only be even more expensive than faux leather, but it can also easily be ruined through excessive use.

Especially with a bean bag which may get a lot of use, even if that is indoors or outdoors.

When investing in a high-quality, premium bean bag, you ideally want to take care of it as much as possible.

That’s why faux leather is a great option, it’s soft and a lot less expensive than real leather, providing the same benefits and features of real leather but at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, the soft leather material helps when relaxing into the Luxury B-Bag Mighty as it’s extremely durable and moulds around your natural body positions as you relax into the bean bag.

Luxurious colours

With four different colours to choose from the Luxury B-Bag Mighty not only looks premium but feels premium too.

Choose between black, dark brown, light brown or a sandy brown colours to suit your home and living space.

These premium colours will seamlessly blend into your home and add a certain style and premium quality to the room.

Get the Luxury B-Bag Mighty online today

Here at Impala Sofas, we provide only the best in class and highest-quality products so you can be sure you’re buying from a premier supplier of sofas, chairs and bean bags.

It’s easy to see why the Luxury B-Bag Mighty is one of our most popular products simply because of its high-class design and versatility.

So get yours online today and enjoy Summer in your brand new Luxury B-Bag Mighty.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Corner Sofa

15 April 2020 04:22
Corner Sofas

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Corner Sofa

With Spring finally here and many of us spending extra time at home, you may already be experiencing that all too common urge to spruce things up a little. Whether that’s a fresh lick of paint, changing your seating layout or perhaps even investing in some new furniture, a little change can go a long way.

If your Spring agenda includes a comfy new seating arrangement, you may be finding yourself already re-evaluating your available options.

From Two-Seaters, Three-Seaters, Corner Sofas and even Armchairs, you really can be spoilt for choice when shopping for a new suite. However, though, if you are fortunate enough to have a little space to play with, you may be considering investing in your first every Corner Sofa.

For us, home interior enthusiasts, purchasing a completely new piece of furniture can be both very exciting and somewhat nerve-racking.

Will it look right? Is it the correct choice? Will I get use out of it? – these are just a few questions we find ourselves pondering.

So, let us put your mind at ease and take you through the three best reasons why a corner sofa should absolutely be on your next to-buy list!

Compact Corner Sofa

Corner Sofas Save Space

When you think about Corner Sofas, you may instantly think that it will gobble all your living space, but that is not necessarily the reality. Sure, you can purchase some large corners that, if not proportionate to your room would leave your room feeling pretty swamped.

However, with the right dimensions, a corner sofa can both utilise a space far better and offer you additional seating space opposed to a three and two-seater combo!

Perfect For The Whole Family

If there Is one thing Corner Sofas excel in comparison to the traditional two and three-seater is their compatibility with a growing family. Whether it’s just you and the kids or a family affair, there’s one thing you can guarantee with a corner – nobody will be left sitting uncomfortably on the floor!

Corners Can Save You Money

Have a large family and require a lot of seating space to fit everyone comfortably?

Investing in a Corner Sofa not only provides lots of areas for family members to enjoy comfortably, but they can also save you money.

Typically, a corner sofa can provide seating for at least five or six adults, that’s the equivalent to purchasing two, three-seaters or three-two-seaters. By reducing the number of sofas, you need to buy to seat your family comfortably, you’re likely going to reduce to overall cost too!

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Sustainability Benefits of Reupholstery

19 February 2020 12:36

Sustainability of Reupholstery

Sustainability Benefits of Reupholstery 

The conversation of sustainability has never been more prevalent than it is today. 

As many individuals strive towards acquiring a more sustainable future for their families, naturally, they are discovering ways in which they can reduce their wastage across the whole spectrum. From cutting down on single-use plastics to reducing their consumption of commercial goods, people are now looking at more sustainable ways to repurpose what they can.

A shocking report shows that in Britain alone, more than 1.6 million tonnes of furniture and bulky waste is sent to the landfill every year. And with what feels like an endless conveyer belt of cheap furniture being churned out into the market, you can see how the figures start adding up.

But the tides are certainly turning.

With research showing that these industries are greatly contributing towards both global warming and deforestation, individuals are looking at reupholstery as a more environmentally friendly solution.

Environmental Benefits

Out of the 1.6 million tonnes of furniture and bulky waste sent to the landfill each year, only a shocking 17% is actually recycled. The remaining 83% has to be disposed of via landfill or incineration.

This not only causes an enormous strain on resources which results in increased taxes to cover the cost of disposal, but it also means that the production of new replacement furniture is having an environmental impact. Did you know that manufacturing a single piece of furniture vs upcycling takes approximately 1000x more CO2?

It is estimated that re-using a ton of sofas could cave 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions?

By investing in higher quality furniture pieces, such as sofas, you are more likely to get your money worth and enjoy its longevity apposed to cheaper pieces. It also means you are more likely to want to upcycle opposed to simply throwing it away - after all, you’ve invested in quality!

Reupholstery Services at Impala

If you're looking to make the move towards a more sustainable future, our reupholstery services here at Impala cover more than just sofas. From armchairs to occasional chairs and sofas, we can breathe new life into any piece of furniture - take a look at our portfolio today.

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Favourite Designs of 2019

22 January 2020 04:32
2019 Designs from Impala Sofas

Favourite Designs of 2019

Entering a New Year and in this case, a new decade is a great opportunity to sit back and reflect at the year that has just passed us by. Let’s face it every year feels as though it flies by quicker than the previous!

For the team here at Impala, 2019 was another incredibly busy year. We kickstarted the New Year by moving into our very first design studio here in Hendon, London. Following our opening, we expanded our ranges with the exciting new arrival of our Katherine Carnaby Rugs, Asiatic Rug Collection and our new made-to-order bespoke sofa collection!

But that’s enough about us here at Impala.

During 2019 we completed a gorgeous array of both bespoke designs and reupholstery for a number of you wonderful clients. So, before we share some of our favourites designs from 2019, the team here at Impala would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their custom – we’ve loved working with you, and we look forward to any future project 2020 may bring!

The Contemporary & Chic Sofa Suite

Bespoke Sofa Hendon, London

Many of our clients have often felt that all too familiar frustration of knowing what they want and need, but not being able to find it straight off the ‘peg’.
After months of disappointing searching, this client was finally referred to the Impala team – and we were pleased to offer our assistance! 

After our initial consultation and a couple of follow-ups, this gorgeous four-seater sofa suite was brought to life, and we are simply in love with it (I know we are biassed!). 
Covered in our patented stain-resistant fabric this beautiful sofa will withstand everything family life throughs it’s way!

The Beautiful Boudoir

Bespoke Headboards Hendon London

Although we love all of our sofa projects, we also love getting to work on a project that is a little different, after all, that’s what we do best! 

This client came to us looking to add a little chic flair to their bedroom space with their very own custom made headboard. From start to finish, we loved this project, and to see it complete in situ was wonderfully rewarding.

The Window Gazer

Window Seating Hendon London

With the right vision and a little interior design flair, refurbishing a home can be a very rewarding experience – especially once completed. 
This client came to us with a vision of turning their beautiful bay window into an equally beautiful seating space.

Covered in our sumptuous Impala Fabric, each seated pad offers wonderful comfort and warmth. However, we are sure that the completed view will be the real show stopper!

The Glamourous Office

Have you ever stood, scratching your head in the middle of the room thinking about what your space is currently lacking? Like our client here, sometimes the extra thing your room needs is a piece of furniture or two that provides that extra ‘wow-factor’!

These gorgeous bespoke, two-toned crushed velvet occasional chairs certainly completed our clients’ space!

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Why Reupholster?

25 November 2019 05:07

Why Reupholster?

Is your furniture starting to show its age after all those years of good old-fashioned family enjoyment? Before you jump online, browsing for the latest furniture deals have you considered all of your options?

If you haven’t explored the idea of reupholstery, you might think that it’s all sounds a little too complicated and time-consuming – but we have some good news!

Although reupholstery may seem like a bit of a ‘faff’ it’s actually wonderfully convenient and straight forward – it can also save you money in the long run!

What are the benefits of Reupholstery?

Of course, buying new furniture has its benefits, but so does reupholstery.

Unlike other household items, certain pieces of furniture like sofas can hold a great deal of sentimental value. Whether it was your first serious investment after you purchased that perfect house or fond memories of grandma falling asleep after a festive feast, let’s face it you have made some pretty good memories over the years!

So before you send years of history and enjoyment to the landfill, let’s take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of reupholstery:

Save Money

If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Purchasing cheap furniture may seem like the perfect problem solver at the time, but the likelihood of you needing a replacement in a few years is high. Reupholstering quality furniture means that you get more enjoyment and better quality that is guaranteed to go the distance.

More Eco-Friendly

Did you know that approximately only 17% of furniture is recycled in the UK each year?

Instead of recycling our furniture, more than 150,000 tonnes of sofas are sent to the landfill instead. Reupholstery and repurposing old furniture helps to reduce the effects of global warming and helps save trees and forests worldwide.

Straight Forward

To the contrary, reupholstery is actually more convenient and straightforward process than you may realise. Typically, when you’re looking to buy new furniture, you can quite easily wait anything from 8-12 weeks for a new suite to be delivered.

However, with reupholstery – that time can be reduced by more than half in most cases. Reupholstery also allows you to have more say, over how the finished product will turn out!

reupholstery service

Explore Reupholstery With Impala

If you’re new to the world of reupholstery, get in contact with one of our friendly experts today.

With years of experience under our belt and a ‘no project is too big or complicated’ attitude, we will do all the heavy lifting. All we need is a little direction from you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Have You Seen Our New Sofa Collection?

11 October 2019 05:09
Bespoke Sofas

Have You Seen Our New Sofa Collection?

This October we are excited to announce the arrival of our new collection of gorgeous Bespoke Sofas. The wonderful new collection contains a variety of Sofa Suites, Corner Sofas and Occasional chairs that are all available to purchase in a selection of sizes and finishes. Each beautiful collection is made to order here within the UK and can be covered in a wide selection of fabrics, including our popular designer range. 

From the wonderfully timeless suites to those conversation starters, our new collection encompasses modern trends, vintage favourites and a selection of dimensions to suit every space.

So, without further delay, let’s take a peek at just some of the beautiful sofa suites that are grasping some attention already!

Claudius Sofa

Claudius Sofa 

Taking a wonderfully contemporary approach on the popular Howard Sofa Collection, the Claudius Collection offers a familiar, luxurious feel, but with a beautiful contemporary twist. Offering exceptional comfort, simply sink in with a cup of earl grey after for that much-needed relief after a tiring day. 

Pair the Claudius Sofa up with a Claudius Corner Suite! 

Wilton Sofa

Wilton Sofa 

If you’re looking to add contemporary character to your living space the Wilton Sofa is certainly a perfect choice. From traditional origins, the Wilton Sofa offers a beautiful balance of traditional sophistication and contemporary styling. If you love deep-button detailing as much as we do, you’re simply going to love the Wilton. The clean lines and deep-button panel gives the Wilton a wonderful personality in your space. 

Chilson Corner Sofa

Chilson Corner Sofa

If you’re looking for a corner that offers exceptional space, wonderful contemporary styling, then the Chilson Corner Sofa is a perfect choice. Designed to provide loungers with ultimate comfort and generous amounts of space, the Chilson is ideal for those large family gatherings. 

Somerset Corner Sofa

Somerset Corner Sofa 

The Somerset Corner Sofa shares a similar vintage elegance to the Claudius Collection. Available in both a Corner Sofa and various size Sofa Suites, the Somerset is a truly timeless piece. Distinguished by its iconic high-cushioned back and upholstered overhang, the Somerset is the perfect blank canvas. Although it may be slightly more compact in style it certainly doesn’t compromise when it comes to comfort. 

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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa For Your Space

16 September 2019 03:52
5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa For Your Space

Choosing a new sofa for your space is exciting, but it can quickly become overwhelming.

With the lastest ‘deals’ and low stock warnings filling your inbox and sales teams pouncing as you step foot in the door, it’s easy to see why so many buyers feel rushed into making that all-important decision. 

So, before you get swept away, let’s take a look at a few things that you should consider before browsing!

Size Matters

When it comes to purchasing your new sofa suite, size really does matter.

Whether you have plenty of floor space to play with or you’re looking for something a little more generous but still keeps dimensions in mind, your decision will always reflect upon size.

So, before you fall in love with something that’s too big for your space, dig out that measuring tape. Look at your available space and try and reevaluate your rooms potential. Finding a new home for certain furniture can open up a world of possibilities.

Think About Your Décor

One element that often takes the longest to conclude is style.

It’s true when they say a new sofa suite can breathe a new lease of life into a space. For some prospective purchasers, even the notion of buying a new suite encourages a complete décor overhaul. So, before you start browsing, take some time to consider styles and colours that would complement your living space.

What’s The Purpose Of Your Sofa?

With size constraints in mind, and what feels like endless styles and colours to choose from, the actual purpose of the sofa often gets completely overlooked. If you’re looking for a sofa that is going to see you through your two children growing up or a household of muddy paws and fluffy companions, the purpose of the sofa plays a big role in overall longevity. Consider fabrics that are hardwearing and easily cleanable, like our Impala Fabric.

Always Choose Quality

Deals are everywhere and saving hundreds of pounds on a new sofa may seem like the perfect option at the time. However, imagine that same sofa two Christmas gatherings later and all the family antics in-between. Saggy, un-supportive cushions, tiered fabrics and a very disappointed owner…

There’s no doubt that opting for quality will ultimately cost you more initially, but in that single lifespan, you could be looking at buying two, if not three other sofas and ultimately burning more money in the long run.

So, before bagging that unbelievable deal, think about what you will be receiving in return!

The Fabric Matters

Little emphasis is often put on fabrics. After all, there are miracle cleaners and endless protection plans, right?


Furniture retailers are quick to dish out the ‘ultimate’ protection plans with every purchase, but be sure to read the T&C’s. Some protection plans will only cover you for a certain time frame, up to, typically the cost of your sofa suite. With a busy family life, frequent cleaning technician visits can soon diminish the available allowance.

Additionally, the ‘miracle’ cleaning kits that are often supplied struggle to tackle the tough stains like market pens and nasty red wine stains. Despite how hard you tackle that stain, some are there to stay, so ensure you pay close attention to the details of the fabric. Resilient materials like the Impala Fabrics are hardwearing and difficult stains such as red wine and markers can simply be rubbed away!

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The Buyers Guide To Bespoke Furniture

09 August 2019 04:36

Bespoke Sofa

Shopping for a new sofa suite is an exciting new experience that doesn’t typically come around too often. The contemplation of fresh contemporary styles and flicking through various new fabric choices are all part of the nostalgia. However, we have all experienced that sudden sinking feeling, when we realise that the sofa we had our heart set on just isn’t going to work in our space. 

Whether it’s sizing limitations, narrow fabric selections or overall quality, often buyers face the all to common hurdle, that even Megan Beesley wouldn’t like to jump…compromise. 

So, when it comes to making a big investment like purchasing a new suite, why compromise for second best? 

Impala – Home Of Bespoke Design

Bespoke Furniture
(Recent Bespoke Order)

At Impala, we specialise in bringing your interior design visions to life through both bespoke creations and restoration. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa that fits perfectly into a space, or perhaps you’ve got your eyes set on a larger home project, we are on hand to help achieve your visions. 

How To Order Bespoke Furniture

Tamarisk Shelley Sofa
(Pictured: Shelley Sofa Collection - Currently Available In-Store Only)

If you’re new to the world of bespoke furniture or restoration, it can seem like a daunting leap from the ‘off-the-shelf’ options, but it’s more straightforward than you may think!

Keen to dip your toe into the world of bespoke furniture but unsure where to start? 

Sit back and relax, we’ve got this one covered. 

Have A Browse 

If you haven’t already done this, the first best step is to have a browse through our collection of sofas and armchairs.
If you haven’t seen anything that ticks your box straight away, don’t worry!

Due to the nature of bespoke furniture, it’s not likely that you’re going to find your perfect sofa in the flesh just yet.
However, you may find inspiration from our online catalogue or bespoke portfolio.

Remember, don’t forget about fabrics!

Our designer, Impala Fabric, is beautifully sumptuous and is available in a selection of trendy shades.

Just as an added bonus, our patented fabric can also wipe clean the toughest stains, including red wine and marker pens, making it perfect for families!

Make A List Of Your Requirements

Let your imagination wander and be bold with your choices. No design or style is too difficult for us!

Once you have your dream sofa in mind, compile as much information as you can. Sketches, picture examples or a detailed description is the perfect foundation to help us get the process started.

Get In Touch

Contact Us

Once you are happy with your inspiration, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our team members. Whether you choose to give us a call, fill in our enquiry form or pop into our design suite in London, we can help get you one step closer to your perfect new suite. 

Contact Us Today 

0845 474 0704

Impala Interiors, 18 Parson Street, Hendon, London, NW4 1QB.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Bespoke Furnishings

10 July 2019 12:19

If you are considering treating your home to some fresh new life, but haven’t quite found the perfect piece within your retail ‘go-to's’, perhaps it’s time to start exploring your options.

When it comes to home furnishings and décor, it is common to lean upon compromise when our visions are not readily available. However, if you simply can’t let you dream sofa escape your clutches, now is the perfect time to delve into the world of bespoke furniture.

Dipping your toe into the world of bespoke furniture may seem daunting, but it’s more straightforward than you may have been lead to believe. Not only does bespoke furniture allow you to open the door to enormous possibilities, but its wonderfully simple.

Here are five reasons why we think you should opt for bespoke furnishings for your next project.

The Perfect Fit

(Impala Bespoke Example)

Whether you’re looking for your next family sofa, striking headboard or perhaps you’ve got your mindset on something a little bigger; choosing bespoke allows you to tailor your visions to the available space. Leave the endless hours searching for the perfect dimensions behind, with bespoke; you can tailor your design fit to the exact dimensions.


(Impala Bespoke Example)

Who said bespoke pieces needed only to fulfil one purpose? Need some extra storage space? Simply add what you need.


(Impala Bespoke Example)

Flexibility is often one of the biggest hangups when it comes to shopping for furniture. However, one of the beauties of bespoke furniture is how much flexibility is available!
Whether it’s dimensions, fabrics, finishes or even functionality, bespoke offers customers the freedom to make choices based on their needs.

Unique Style

(Impala Bespoke Example)

If your style isn’t readily available on the shelf, it shouldn’t mean that you have to park your expectations. At Impala, we encourage our customers to let their imaginations wander and to be bold with their choices, as no design or style is too difficult.

The team here at Impala can start bringing your design to life, with either some simple sketches, picture examples or a detailed description.

Exceptional Quality

(Impala Bespoke Example)

If you have ever bought a mass-manufactured sofa off the shelf before, you have likely experienced some sofa blues sooner than you were expecting. Deteriorating leather, saggy cushions and weak foundations are to name but a few common complaints.

However, when it comes to bespoke furniture, exceptional quality is at the heart of every element. From the frame to the fabric choice, our bespoke furnishings are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Speak To An Advisor Today

If you're keen to get the ball rolling on your bespoke piece, why not pop into our design suite or contact us today via phone or our enquiry forum

One of our friendly advisors will be on hand to support you through the process.

0845 474 0704          info@impalasofas.com

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Sink Your Feet Into Our New Collection Of Asiatic Rugs

04 June 2019 12:19
Asiatic Rug Collection

Asiatic Rug Collection

If you have recently taken up the annual event of Spring cleaning, then you may be feeling the urge to spruce up your living space. After all, adding a new piece to your space can really help add a new lease of life to an area. If you’re keen to change things up and add a little extra texture, then our new collection of Asiatic Rugs might be the touch of comfort you’ve been looking for.

 Asiatic Form Rug

Asiatic Rug Collection

If you’re looking to add some depth to your living space, the Form Rug is the ideal choice. 

Visually striking from the offset, the Form collection from Asiatic has been expertly hand-tufted to the finest quality using quality 100% wool yarn.

This contemporary conversational piece is exceptionally soft to touch and offers an incredible range of deep piles. 

Available in three sizes and a selection of beautiful shades, this timeless rug is the perfect addition to any living space.

Asiatic Gatsby Rug 

Asiatic Rug Collection

Want to add a touch of class your space? 

The Gatsby collection from Asiatic oozes glamorous sophistication. Perfect for both modern and classic interiors the Gatsby collection has been perfectly handwoven using a silk-like 100% Viscose Yarn. This timeless collection is the perfect addition to both modern and classic interiors. Available in four beautiful shades.

Asiatic Plush Rug

Asiatic Rug Collection

Sink your toes into a world of luxury with the Plush Collection. 

The combination of silky tones and luxurious textures make the Plush collection from Asiatic one of the finest shaggy rug ranges on the market. This stunning collection features a 7cm long file with a staggering weight of 5kg per m2. 

Available in a selection of wonderfully complementary contemporary shades, this delightful collection is defiantly one to sink your toes into.

Asiatic Rocco Rug 

Asiatic Rug Collection

The Rocco Rug from Asiatic combines the perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles.

This wonderfully shaggy rug offers an exceptional balance between sophisticated designs and the latest colour trends. This modern design is edged with those timeless tassles making it the perfect addition to any living space.

Power loomed using 100% polypropylene yarn; this sumptuous rug offers the perfect underfoot experience.

Asiatic Funk Rug

Asiatic Rug Collection

If you’re looking for something bold and beautiful to bring your interior to life, then you’re going to fall in love with the Funk Collection for Asiatic. 

Adding that much-needed splash of colour to your living space, the Funk collection has been hand woven to perfection with 100% New Zeland wool piles.
This wonderfully playful rug is incredibly soft to the touch and brilliantly durable. 

Available in a variety of vibrant patterns and shades.

Asiatic Elgin Rug

Asiatic Rug Collection

If you're looking for a subtle touch of luxury within your living room then the Elgin Collection is the ideal choice. 

Beautifully hand-loomed to perfection using a unique viscose and cotton blend pile, this gorgeously stylish rug is incredibly soft to the touch and features contrasting tassels to nicely offset other furnishings. 

Available in three sizes and a selection of beautiful shades, this timeless rug is the perfect addition to any living space.

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Breathe Life Into Your Sofa With Restoration

08 May 2019 03:55
Sofa Restoration

Do you remember when you first purchased your perfect sofa? From its eagerly anticipated arrival to its first placement within your home. The sense of overwhelming pride and enjoyment left you eager to ensure that it was kept in pristine condition. Every crumb and spill carefully treated to ensure it’s longevity. However, despite all of your efforts over the years, the odd glass of red wine or children’s craft materials can eventually leave its mark on your favourite furnishings.

Designer Fabric That Really Lasts

Fabric furnishings offer so much to a living space as well as the individual user. Excellent comfort and irresistible warmth are some of the qualities that we all subconsciously enjoy as we take the weight off. However, fabric furnishings are often vulnerable to staining and subsequently show their age sooner than you would have hoped. Although this is a true eventuality for many fabric furnishings, this is where our Designer Impala Fabric differs. Unlike traditional furniture coverings, Impala Fabrics allows you to wipe the toughest stains away using just water as our demonstration video displays.

Restoring Your Sofa To Life

With this in mind, you may be wondering, “what does this mean for my family loved furnishings”?

If your once statement piece is leaving you feeling a little less proud than it once did, then it’s certainly time to change that. Before you send your beloved sofa to the household waste site ensure that you have considered all the possibilities before waving that final goodbye. After all, have you ever considered restoration?

At Impala we not only breathe new life into new interior projects, but we also give an old favourite a new lease of life.

Take a Look At This Restoration Project That We Completed Recently:

The sofa suite pictured above had a very unclear future. The owner had grown tired of its ‘family loved’ appearance and was confident that its time with the family had come to an end. That was until they contacted the team here at Impala. Once we outlined the requirements, we got to work restoring this statement suite to its former glory.

Here’s that same suite now. 

Now covered with our revolutionary stain resistant designer fabric this gorgeous sofa suite will now be fully equipped to tackle the rigours of family life. If you have a project in mind, despite how big or small, the team here at Impala are keen to help bring your interior design goals to life.

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Spring Oasis

04 April 2019 04:17

Bringing nature into your home is the ultimate style trend right now. 

Not only are house plants a great way to bring colour and style to your home but they have a whole range of benefits too! They can clean toxins out of the air, they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. They also control the humidity in your room! Plants are not only great for your home, but many plant owners also say that looking after plants is rewarding and seeing them flourish is worth putting in the work.

But it is important to understand the needs of the plant you’re buying, and start off with an easy to look after type. Below I have listed some easy to take care of houseplants that will survive the odd overwatering (or under). I have detailed the basics about how to take care of them and the right water and light for their needs.

Some of our favourite easy houseplants to take care of :

Yucca plants look so lovely in the home, and yet are so easy to take care of! Give them plenty of direct sunlight and don’t overwater and your Yucca will be happy! (Picture Source Waitrose)

Calathea (or Peacock Plant)
If you are up for a more challenging plant with a huge payoff, the Calathea plants have a gorgeous and unusual leaf pattern. With green and white tops and a stunning pink red bottom. However, these plants can be difficult to keep! They love a well-heated room, lots of light but not direct sunlight, and high humidity. (Picture Source Waitrose)

Cacti’s are a staple easy to take care of house plant! They are a popular go-to for inexperienced plant owners. Make sure they have bright sunlight, and don't overwater them. This is the best plant to get if you forget to water your plants often.

Succulents, like cacti, are a home staple. They are also so easy to take care of! Just be sure to water them sparingly, and keep in a warm place with indirect sunlight. 

Aloe Vera
These cool looking plants are a great asset to any home! Break open a leaf to find aloe vera gel, which is thought to have healing properties. These easy houseplants need bright indirect light and a good water once every 1-2 weeks.

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Inspire Your Bespoke Sofa: The Latest Trends Look Book

04 March 2019 04:25

With all this warmer weather gracing the country, it may feel as though the events of the past few months are all but a distant memory. If the joyous Spring feeling is leaving you inspired and ready to get those creative juices flowing, then let’s not hold back any longer!

When it comes to a flowing living space, that is both stylish and practical, the main focus and heart of all activity is the sofa. Often underestimated for what it gives to a room and moreover the family as a whole, the overall lounging space is key to any living room. If you are experiencing some sofa blues, then it’s time to make a change. Beloved comforts, such as sofas and armchairs are often made victim to years of good old family use. You know, the end of week glass of red, paw prints and even that time your nephew got his hands on the glue. Whatever the scenario, your sofa has been there and experienced it.

Bespoke Furnishings – Let Impala turn your #interiorgoals into a reality!

So if you’re itching to get your hands on some untouched luxury, then let’s uncage that inner interior designer. At Impala Sofas we specialise in bespoke sofas and furnishings. Meaning that alongside our completely customisable standard collection, we can breathe life in designs that have never been created before. Book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

Inspire Your Bespoke Sofa

Beige Is Back

The beige colour scheme is back on the scene and it’s working brilliantly with cool grey tones and warm whites. One of the great things about the beige trend is that you can really maximise on textures. 

From our Impala collection, the Slouch 2-Seater Sofa in Ivory Paisley works exceptionally well with this popular interior trend.

Life Is Peachy

The sumptuous peach and pinkie tones are revolutionising home interiors this year!

The touch of a soft or bold peach tone can really help lift the energy in a living space. Whether you choose to style this trend subtly with a Pastel Peach Cushion or go all out with a statement sofa, you are sure to breathe a new lease of life into your space. Looking for a conversational piece? 

Take a look out our cosy Slouch Love Seat.

Warm Whites 

Warm white tones are the perfect blank canvas and they are becoming increasingly popular this year. Mix it up and keep it stylish and fresh with the addition of wooden furnishings and textured rugs. The Lexington 2-Seater Sofa in Oyster is the perfect example of a stylish and modern design that lends itself to this popular trend.

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Brand New Designer Rug Range Coming Soon!

05 February 2019 10:08

Katherine Carnaby

Coming soon to Impala Interiors is a brand-new range of rugs from the renowned British designer Katherine Carnaby, known for her luxurious fabrics and timeless designs, we could not be more excited to share this range with you.

No matter what style of home you have, there’s sure to be a rug in her expansive collection for you.  In her ever-popular designs, she incorporates contemporary colours and modern patterns to both complement and liven up your décor. These distinctive styles are quickly becoming essentials for any luxurious home styling.

The highlight of the range has to be the stunningly modern ‘Chrome’ collection. Which is truly the height of luxury, with premium soft materials that catch the light and give the rug a dimensional look of different tones and colours.

The range then spans all the way to the other end of the design spectrum, with the 'Vintage' collection, which will bring a touch of sophistication and retro glamour to your home. 

Plus many many more ranges and styles to suit any home. Keep an eye out for the whole range on Impala Interiors soon!

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