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Ideal Family Furniture

Impala Sofas is a high quality range of family friendly furniture which is affordable, tailor made products that are upholstered using the revolutionary Impala and Impala Velsoft designer performance fabrics.

What makes our superb collection so special is the unique design and qualities - easily cleanable, exceptionally durable and luxurious in both look and feel, these stain resistant fabrics combined with contemporary furniture designs bring style and the utmost practicality to any home.

Manufactured in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, with a reputation for its excellence in furniture making, a fusion of traditional English craftsmanship and cutting edge textile technology ensures that each individual piece is made to the highest possible standard. Every model is manufactured on a hardwood frame in our wood mill and is guaranteed for 12 years, made to an exquisite British standard.

Available in a broad array of classic and vibrant colours and patterns, with Impala Sofas you don’t just buy a piece of furniture. You make a long term investment for your home that all the family can enjoy.

To get the full potential out of your furniture we recommend that you follow our cleaning instructions which can be found here. (PDF)

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