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A Simple Guide for Picking the Perfect Sofa

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 08:00:00

Make sure you pick the best seat in the house this Winter, with our simple and practical sofa-buying guide. Our years of experience within the industry has taught us many things when it comes to purchasing the perfect sofa. After catering for a multitude of customers with varying needs and preferences, we are confident that we know the secrets to picking the right sofa!

You may think that the colour, style, and price may be the first, and most important, port-of-call when it comes to picking out your dream sofa or chair, however, there a few other critical considerations before you make your final choice.  Aesthetics are undoubtedly important, but the size, scale, and composition of the sofa are crucial to how practical it will be in your home, as well as the resilience and durability of the fabrics.

Step 1 | Measure Up.
The size of sofa you pick will solely depend on the dimensions of your living space and the space available to you. Whether the room is large or small, here a few things that you should consider:

  • How much of the area would you like to fill?
  • Where will other furnishings be placed? Will there be free space for a coffee table, for example?
  • What shape is the room? Are there any unusual corners or sections?
Asking these questions will help determine the composition and size of your sofa in relation to your room. If you are lucky enough to have a large living room with an abundance of space, utilizing the area with larger shaped sofas or multiple sofas is always a great idea - especially if you love to host! 

If your room is on the smaller size we suggest opting for a more petite two-seater sofa, as to not overcrowd the living area. You can only use beanbags, poufs or smaller armchairs if you require more seating. However, when purchasing a smaller sofa for a smaller room, we recommend that your sofa complements the space - after all, it will most likely to be the main focal point.

Step 2 | Location, Location, Location.
You have decided on how many sofas you want and how big they will be, now you need to decide where they will go! The location of your sofa is crucial to how you intend on using it - do you only relax on the couch whilst watching a movie? Or do you have a big family that uses the sofa as a base for activities and relaxation? These are the questions that will help you find the perfect spot for your sofa.

If you're a movie buff and intent on keeping up with the latest Netflix series, then you will need to ensure that your sofa is located in the optimal position in front of the TV. Find where this area is and measure up the dimension of your desired sofa in relation to it - will it fit? If purchasing multiple sofas, will they also be in view of the screen?

Like to host? Organize your sofas, tables, and armchairs in a circular formation within the living room, this will help keep conversations flowing all night long! A large coffee table placed in the center of the formation is a great option for games and food. This layout is also extremely good for large families with young children, making sure you are able to comfortably relax together.

Think carefully about doors, fireplaces and any other fixed fittings before committing to that beautiful new sofa. Will your chosen sofa block any entrances into the room? Will the L-shape make it look clumsy and off-balanced in your room? The space should flow easily and allow for lots of spare walk-room.

Step 3 | Pick the Shape.
Much like picking the size of the sofa, deciding on the shape is an extremely important task as it will impact the layout of the room greatly. The top choices to consider are:
  • Classic sofa - Compact and traditional, the classic sofa can be either a two-seater or four-seater. Its straight and rectangular shape makes it the go-to sofa for smaller rooms, slotting into even the smallest of spaces.
  • Corner sofa - A corner sofa is a great way to structure a room. Wrapping around a space nicely, it is a great way to maximise space and creating more foot space.
  • L-Shaped sofa - This is a great sofa choice for those with plenty of available room. Suiting a more minimal style of decor, this clean shape works well to divide a space, especially in open-plan layouts.
  • Rounded sofa - A rounded corner sofa works well in smaller rooms, wrapping around to create a warm and cozy space. This is a great choice for big families that want to pile on the same sofa and a great investment for a media room.
Step 4 | Fabric or Leather?
Choosing the fabric for a new sofa will determine how much maintenance it will need, so it is important to think, research and test samples before you buy! The chosen fabric will need to be suitable for your lifestyle and habits, remember that functionality is key here. 
  • Best for families - Light colored, hard-to-clean fabrics such as suede or velvet are not ideal for a family sofa. Leather is undoubtedly easier to clean in this circumstance and the investment will ensure that you will not need to replace your sofa through wear, however, leather may not suit interior. In which case, Impala fabrics could be for you! Child-friendly, stain-resistant, easily-cleanable and stylish our sofas are the best solution!
  • Best for pets - Similiar to children, avoid hard to clean fabrics like suede or velvet. Leather is likely to scratch under the paws of cats and pets. Our Impala sofas have been life-changing to pet owners - no more muddy paw prints and stubborn slobber stains!
  • Low-maintenance - Although fabric sofas are renowned for being high-maintenance, we believe that ours are the exception! If you don't believe us, see how easy it is to clean harsh stains like red wine, ketchup, and pen in this video.
Step 5 | My style.
When picking a new sofa you need to think about your own personal style. What does your home look like in terms of interior design - is it modern, homely or unique? Do you like mismatching vibrant colours or do you prefer more subtle tones like greys and whites? It is important that your sofa is a representation of this style and works well with the room. 

More sofa tips:
  • Longer sofas, such as a corner sofa, are ideal for naps - especially if you are on the tall side!
  • Deeper sofas are great for comfortable seating. They are also especially great for young families.
  • To test the shape and size of the sofa, draw up the dimension on paper, cut to shape and lay on the floor of your living room. Play around with the composition and location.
  • Remember that you may want to change up the layout of your living room in the future, will your chosen sofa allow for this?
  • How tall is your room? If your ceilings are relatively low, in new-build homes for examples, purchasing a low sofa can create the impression that your ceilings are higher. Alternatively, If your ceiling is high, a stronger, high-backed sofa may be the best option for you.
Interested in the child-friendly and pet-friendly sofas we have here at Impala Sofas? Discover our range today.